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  Employees of CMERI Centre of Excellence in Farm Machinery (ORDER BY EMPLOYEE'S DESIGNATION)
Ashis Kumar Choudhury, Senior Principal Scientist    Sct-in-Charge
Syed Salman Mojiz - CoEFM, Senior Principal Scientist       
G. S. Reddy, Principal Scientist       
Bashamber Dass Bansal - CoEFM, Principal Scientist       
Ashwani Kumar Kushwaha - CoEFM, Senior Principal Scientist       
Pradeep Rajan - CoEFM, Senior Scientist       
Krishnendu Kundu - CoEFM, Senior Scientist       
Ajay Yadav - CoEFM, Scientist       
Jagdish Manikrao Zhunjare - CoEFM, Scientist       
Jagroop Singh - CoEFM, Sr. Technical Officer (1)       
Prabhu Dutt Sharma - CoEFM, TO C       
Manoj Verma - CoEFM, TO C       
Hardeep Singh - CoEFM, TA B1       
Amarjit Singh - CoEFM, TA B1       
Balvir Singh - CoEFM, TA B1       
Kiran Bala Lekhi - CoEFM, TA B1       
Jai Ram - CoEFM, TA B1       
Parmatma Nand Pathak - CoEFM, TA B1       
Kuldeep Kaur - CoEFM, ASSTT(G)-I       
Bodh Raj Sharma - CoEFM, Tech C       
Ranjit Singh - CoEFM, Tech C       
Jiwan Lal - CoEFM, Tech A2       
Inderjeet Singh - CoEFM, Tech C       
Shyam Lal - CoEFM, ASSTT(G)-I       
Kamlesh Kumer - CoEFM, ASSTT(G)-III       
T. B. Sonari - CoEFM, ASSTT(G)-III       
Satnam Singh - CoEFM, Peon / Farash       
Nathu Ram - CoEFM, Peon / Farash       
Rajinder Singh - CoEFM, Peon / Farash       
Subhash Chander Yadav - CoEFM, Daftry       
Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India