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Golden Jubilee Celebrations Feb '07 - Feb '08
In its Golden Jubilee year, Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur thanks all its stakeholder & well wishers.

On this occasion, we pledges to serve the nation better through Research & Development in Mechanical Engineering.

Golden Jubilee Events for Feb '07 - Feb '08

March 2007

National Seminar on Exploration, Enrichment, & Environment of Coaster Placer Minerals

Organized jointly by CMERI & CMRI.

25-26 March, 2007

Workshop on Biofuels: Production, Methodologies, Utilization Techniques & Challanges

Organized by MERADO, Ludhiana

22-23 March '07

Workshop on Machining & Machinability of Advanced Materials

29-30 March '07

May 2007
Workshop on Engineering Tolerancing and Stacking Download Brochure

23-25 May '07

Course on Embedded Systems Development

May '07

Workshop on Motivation for Development of Scientific Temperament

May '07

Workshop on Condition Monitoring Download Brochure

18-19 May '07

June 2007
Workshop on Development of Precision Ear Moulds Download Brochure

22-23 June '07

Science Education Programme for Senior School Students on Mathematics & Its Application Download Brochure

June '07

Debate Competetion

June '07

Get Together of Past & Present ColleaguesDownload Brochure

29 June '07

July 2007
Course on Manufacturing Drawing, Design & Analysis using High End CAD Software Download Brochure

11-13 July '07

August 2007

Course on Embedded System Development

August '07

September 2007

Course on Embedded System Development

September '07

Competition for Best Project Team & Best Research Work

September '07

Essay & Art Competition for CMERI children

September '07

Workshop on Metrology for Quality Assurance & Product Development Download Brochure

5-7 September '07

Hands-on Training on Programming & Operation on CNC Machines Download Brochure

10-14 September '07

October 2007

Workshop on NDT for Health Survey of Structures

5 October '07

Essay & Art Competition for CMERI children

October '07

Inter School Quiz for School children

October' 07

Science & Technology Quiz for Senior School children

October' 07

International Seminar on Clean Energy Download Brochure

15-16 October' 07

November 2007
International Conference on Advance Manufacturing Technology Download Brochure

22-24 November' 07

December 2007

Administration in R & D

December' 07

Design Competition for Engineering Students Download Brochure

December' 07

National conference on Enhancement of Plant Availability by Life Assesment and Condition Monitoring Download Brochure

19-20 December' 07

Golden Jubilee Sports for CMERI Staff & Children

December' 07

January 2008

Workshop on Emerging Trades in Tribology- Macro to Nano

January' 08

Course on Embedded System Development

January' 08

International Conference on Intellegent Systems & Applications

13-14 January' 08

National Workshop on Robotics Download Brochure

17-19 January' 07

Robo-game Competition for Engineering Students

January' 08

February 2008

Industrial Get together

February' 08

National Conference on Farm Mechanisation Download Brochure

22-23 February' 08

Competition on Innovative Ideas

February' 08

Workshop on Knowlwdge based Entrepreneurship

February' 08