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Precision Engineering and Metrology

Industries situated in the eastern part of the country, is immensely benefited as they can get calibrated their gauges and instruments from CSIR-CMERI, which have traceability to National Standard. In addition, in-house and sponsored R & D work, especially for product development, has better turnaround time due to rapid and reliable measurements of designed dimensions and inspections of part and component. Indirect benefits are:

  • High Precision inspection of production components for R & D.
  • Adjustment and alignment of multi axes systems in machines.
  • Achievement of precision dimensions of intricate and internal parts.
  • Development of fast and flexible assembly and positioning systems.

Some of the premier calibration facilities in this group are universal length measuring machine with 1 nm resolution, profile projector with 1 µm resolution, non-contact 3D profiler with 0.01 nm resolution, CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine with 0.01 µm, laser interferometer with 1 ppm accuracy for linear axes calibration, autocollimator with 5 sec resolution, slip gauge calibrator, scale and tape measuring machine etc in dimensional metrology; E2 to M2 class weights, precision mass balance calibrator, various glassware, density hydrometers in mass, volume and density metrology and pressure balances, dead weight testers, pressure calibrators with pump, pressure transducers etc for pressure metrology.

At an average this group issues over 300 calibration reports in a year for Indian Industries with NABL Accreditation Symbol which are accepted throughout the world because of MRA.


The Metrology Group of CMERI is working in two directions. One is on R&D activities and another is on calibration activities with the latest state of the art infrastructural facilities.

R & D Activities:

Takes part on the product development work of the Institute, sponsored and collaborative projects closely related to metrology & CSIR network projects.

This group is also working on the research areas such as tool condition monitoring, development of micro-alignment system, application of digital image processing, developmental works on micro metrology and micro-nano force realization.

Calibration Activities:

The Metrology Laboratory of CMERI is a leading laboratory recognized by the Bureau of Indian Standards for carrying out testing and calibration work. CMERI has traceability to national standards of the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi - the custodian of measurement standards. A high echelon of individual professional competence, long familiarity with the ground rules of precision measurement and an atmosphere of stringent procedural adherence adds excellence to the service provided by CMERI in the field of dimensional metrology that guarantees the customer not only perfect services, but also value addition.

CMERI offers these metrological services to the industry, which ensures timely and cost effective solutions to industries, at the same time assuring to the industries the benefits of the long standing experience of CMERI in this field. We also impart training programs for industries and academics. The department houses the eastern chapter of the Metrology Society of India (MSI).

Division Head


Technical Staffs

Service Name Description Service Type
Electro-Technical Calibration Laboratory ( NABL Accredited ) In CMERI, Electro Technical Calibration Laboratory has the facility of Calibration of the following instruments : Digital / Analog Multimeter ( upto 6 &1/2 digit ) Tachometer ( contact type upto 10,000 rpm, non-contact type upto 1,00,000 rpm) Decade Resistance Box Digital Calibrator Clampmeter Testing Services

CMERI has in place a strong quality assurance system as per ISO-9001. To further strengthen the commitment to quality and International Recognition through MRA/NABL-APLAC-ILAC, CMERI's Metrology Group has acquired NABL accreditation in dimension, mass, density, volume & pressure. At present, the scope of the NABL accreditation covers 58 measuring instruments and gauges in myriad fields.

Organization Name Address Country
IIT Kharagpur Mechanical Engg Department, IIT Kharagpur IN IND
North Western University Mechanical Engg Department, North Western University, Chicago, USA US USA

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