The CMERI colony kidds have good opportunity to eimbibe primary to higher secondary education of central curriculum. A Central School is present in the colony campus to serve this purpose.

The visitors of CMERI are not at all bothered for lodging and fooding as our Guest House is always there for their service. Even students, retired CSIR employees are also entertained with some modern facilities.
Ailments are natural phenomenon of human life but need not to be worried about it whenever you are ill, the well equipped CMERI Dispensary will help you to get relieved and cured in no time.
CMERI staffs and their family members find a good place to nurture the cultural activities to refresh their minds after days hard work as well as can practice physical exercise to keep their body fit for the next day.

Our residential campus, the CMERI-Colony is in the heart of vast and growing Industrial city Durgapur. Our colony is with all modern amenities and facilities. There pervades a congenial atmosphere and brotherly hood among the residents which is of paramount importance in social life. Here we can find facilities like park, market, police station, playground, medical center, primary and secondary school, club, gym, guest house, temple, hostel and even multi-storied apartments. We are proud of our colony.

CMERI Colony residents can have get their daily necessaries from the market with many modern facilities inside the colony campus.

Sisubani Free Primary School is another useful facility of our colony. CMERI kids are bloomed with mother tongue from this free primary school.
Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Durgapur-713209, India